All online casinos do their best to come up with more and more edgy material, some look for extensive promotions, others go for out of the box slot names and themes, but none can meet -or beat- the bright, colorful and fun packed look of the Lucky Nugget Casino’s online website. It reminds you of the bright sun peering through a gloomy winter morning.
And it doesn’t stop just at the look of the online casino; Lucky Nugget has all the incentives to match it otherwise. There are more than 500 impeccably designed games available to satisfy the imagination and desire of the gamers from all parts of the world. Lucky Nugget Casino provides options to interact in 16 international languages. So, no matter which time zone you live in, you will be right at home.

Lucky Nugget Casino is truly the new world for online gamers, because the opportunities will come one after the other; if you are a fan of Slot Reels, you need to go no further, there are 5 Reel Video Slots that come with multitude of bonus features. For the classic’s buff, there are 3 Reel Slots, and of course, the ever popular Blackjack slots.
The Blackjack slots come with a special twist, as the Jackpots increases every time a player places a bet. Lucky Nugget Casino is providing equal opportunity for members who play for just fun and also for those who like to bet and win some cash while they enjoy the ride.


Online slots
Lucky Nugget Casino has some state of the art high tech Video Slots (produced by Microgaming) the hip and contemporary graphics of the slots bring the best experience in terms of entertainment and storytelling. The visual impact is enhanced further with some great sound effects; and the complete package keeps players right in the center of the action.
The creative themes and scripts of the slots are another relish; the excitement of the wilds of Africa is brought to you through Mega Moolah, with an amazing range of winning options: 5 Reels, 25 paylines, and a wheel of fortune type jackpot. Due to its huge jackpot it is also called The Millionaire Maker.
And then there is Avalon II, which is the second part of the original game. Avalon has an epic storyline about winning and retrieving the Holy Grail. This game is so captivating that a player would hardly ever move before completing it.

Black Jack
Like many beautiful things in the world, Blackjack is said to be an invention of French. Many would doubt that claim, but it was reported to be in fashion in France in the early 18th century. Then like many other things, the game immigrated to USA, and now it is one of the most popular online games also; it is the most regularly played game at the Lucky Nugget Casino too. Here it is offered with slight modifications, as there are 3 types of Blackjack games available at the Lucky Nugget Casino:
Vegas Strip Blackjack
Unlike others, in this version a player can only plays against the dealer, and not against other players.
Atlantic City Blackjack Gold
In this version 8 decks of cards are used, and the batch is shuffled before every game. Also, the dealer has more leverage, because the dealer is permitted to look at his/her cards when they have an ace or a 10 or face card.
Classic Blackjack Gold
The classic version is played with a standard deck. Players are able to split or double down on a hard 9, 10, or 11. And if players avail the insurance option, it helps them to collect money even if the dealer strikes with a hand of 21.

The king of casino games is also a favorite at Lucky Nugget Online Casino. Produced by Microgaming, the roulette comes with excellent graphics, sound design, and all the necessities to captivate a player.

Video poker
Better Video Poker is one of the finest forms of video Poker, and it is also current on Luck Nugget Casino.
Bonus Video Poker permits more payouts for ‘four of a kind’ draw. There are uncountable variations of Bonus Poker, with only minor dissimilarities, which come within the ranking arrangement for each four of a kind.

At Lucky Nugget Casino, all new members are given a fresh start with a 150% Welcome Bonus (up to $200) FREE, when they deposit for the first time. There no hidden deals or trick, or limits on the use of the bonus money, simply make your first deposit and the bonus will be added to your account, right away.

Money Matters
Lucky Nugget Casino has 10 deposit and withdrawal options available for members from all over the world. To ensure safe banking system, players could be asked to submit copies of the identification and other bank related documents like; driver’s license, utility bills, and also fronts and backs of the credit cards (especially if a member has used a credit card to open the account)

Following are the details for 10 specific methods:
Visa: minimum deposit 10$, withdrawal time can take 2 to 6 days (in most of the countries
Master Card: minimum deposit 10$, there is no withdrawal option with master card
Maestro: minimum deposit 10$, withdrawal time can take 2 to 6 days (in most of the countries)
NETELLER: minimum deposit 5$, withdrawal time can take 24-48hrs (in most of the countries)
PAYSAFE CARD: there is no minimum limit with this option, and withdrawals are not possible
MONEYBOOKERS: minimum deposit 5$, withdrawal time can take 24-48hrs (in most of the countries)
ECO CARD: minimum deposit 20$, withdrawal time can take 24-48hrs (in most of the countries)
INSTADEBIT: minimum deposit 5$, withdrawal time can take 48hrs (in most of the countries)
ECHECK: minimum deposit 5$, withdrawal time can take 3 to 8 working days (subjected to deposits being cleared)
DIRECT BANK TRANSFER: minimum deposit 20$, withdrawal time can take 3 to 7 working days (in most of the countries)

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