Whether you are a veteran gambler or a newbie; excitement is your main drive, for what is gambling if it is not fun?
Online gambling has taken the old gig (one of the oldest in the known world) to a new high mark, to a new zenith. It provides you multiple aspects of engagement; options to choose from, and reasons to choose. Maybe you are returning from a high roller ride, with pockets full of casino chips and a heart full of winner’s delights, and you need to cool it off. Maybe you are planning to go for a trailblazing spin at the tables, or maybe you just want to take a hit at the blackjack table, from the comfort of your home. Or maybe, you are just trying to chill, after lengthy work hours.

Although there are plenty of websites that boast to fully capture a gambler’s attention, but none comes closer to Drake Casino; due to the simplicity of interactive website and combination of gaming options. Drake Casino’s popularity is surly exceeding in American users; but it is also bound to bring in more users from all over the world, with its exquisite designs that cater to global audience and viewers.
Drake Casino has a solid strategy for its customers, knowing the gambling mind; they let you win even before you start playing. Yes, the moment you make your first cash deposit you win a 300% bonus or reward. And becoming a member is even easier than driving your car to the nearest pub. With a simple straight forward 3 steps approach.
Click on the join button, Register, Deposit your cash, and start playing without a wait.

There are more than 200 entertaining casino games on the Drake Casino’s website for you to choose from (I actually counted more than 240) not only these games slots are visually stunning but also have some pretty interesting storylines; even the names like ‘License to Spin’ and ‘Robin of the woods’ can give you the idea of the efforts put into the designs. Drake Casino’s online slot collection is quite popular due to; 3 reel, 5 reel, progressive slots, and also because of the tantalizing 3D casino slots.
You can also enjoy the traditional table games too; with Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, Craps, Oasis Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog , and Three Card Poker. The array of live video tables gives you a remarkable experience, with some really gorgeous dealing ladies handling the bets.

Drake Casino has already developed a strong following due to its tournament section. There are three main categories of the Tournaments; daily, weekly, and monthly. The entry fees of the tournaments are pretty decent (ranging from FREE to 25$ depending on the nature of the tournament)
The status of the tournaments is always mentioned on the chart; whether a tournament is in the registration zone, ongoing, or has already ended. The interactive feature also allows you to choose the layout of the tournament status, and also by the amount of winning prize.

There are five payment options to obtain a membership at Drake Casino and none of it requires any fee; except the Quick Cash option, for which a member is charged 10$ for an initial deposit of less than 200$. Other than that, you can use your Visa card, Master card, and even Bit coins can also be used to obtain membership.
They have a fool proof double checking procedure at Drake Casino, where all members are asked for proper identification (as well as payment procedure details) before deposits or withdrawals. So, there is less risk for any frauds.
Approval for the membership is instant for all methods except the quick cash.

Drake Club
It is quite normal for online casinos to have some VIP program of their own, but Drake Casino has the most elaborate VIP program by the name of Drake Club.
There are all and all 12 different statuses on Drake Club; from the automatic sign up level to the highest Red Diamond level. There is an elaborate award and bonus system at all levels; ranging from 10% to up to 300% awards on different levels and status of membership. There are numerous other bonuses: cash back on losses, free spins, happy hours, sweepstakes giveaways and exclusive email promotions.
The incentives will increase proportionally as you reach the Diamond status, as that enables you to go for the optimum cash exchanges and avail the best bonuses.

Money Matters
The minimum and maximum deposit amount for all 5 options is as follow:

  1. Visa and Master Cards: minimum amount 25$, maximum is according to the status of the player
  2. Prepaid Gift Card: minimum amount 25$, maximum is according to the status of the player
  3. Bit coins: minimum amount 25$, maximum amount is 10,000$
  4. Quick Cash: minimum amount is 25$ while the maximum amount is 690$
    The procedure is effortless and the money is processed within 48 hours, while you could be still enjoying your gaming experience.

Similarly, there are five different ways to withdrawal money from Drake Casino; these include bank wire, courier check, direct cash, quick cash and back-2-card.
If you are opting for a bank wire, the minimum amount that you can cash out is $100, while the maximum amount is $5,000 with a flat fee of $40. If you use the Quick-Cash option, you can withdraw any amount from $300 to $700, and accordingly, withdrawal fees will either be a flat $50 or 8% of the requested amount.
These wide arrays of monetization methods enable players –who join in from all over the world- to experience the thrills of playing in the Drake Casino without the hassles and worries of the normal casinos.

Online Casino Customer Support
Drake Casino provides a state of the art customer support service for all customers. The support is available seven days a week; and through all the desired option, whether you prefer to contact through: email, online live chat, or even through phone. All queries are answered promptly.
Drake Casino provides the option of a newsletter to players who want to stay ahead of the curve, as they can receive the stream of news related to upcoming promotions, tournaments, and bonuses.

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